This is the best message I can ever give out to the world where many are poor, homeless and have been torn apart by diseases, floods and wars. I have written this message to encourage the whole world. Please do not read this alone ,share it with a friend ,workmate ,downline, upline, crossline or relative and encourage them too. Love, prosperity and Peace is all I can wish the whole world. To make an impact you do not need to live for 100 years.

There are so many times when we stop and start wishing we could change yesterdays moment and make it better today. Thank God you are here reading this post because everything you are about to read is reality if it has not happened to you, do not worry share it with those that might be in need of some motivation. 

You can not change yesterday but you can do something today that can change your tomorrow. It does not matter how you were born, that was yesterday. It doesn’t matter what happened the last 5 years or 10 years -You may not be able to change that But you can reposition yourself today. You can make new decisions today that will change what tomorrow will bring. 

Invest in your future today, refuse to be a failure ,refuse to end your life on the side walk. Every time I write something I clearly indicate that I believe in the future. There is a reason I believe that, I believe that if the world reads these words they will act on them and they will change not only my future and that of my children but your future will be changed too. None of us was born to be poor, you may have been born poor but you were not born to be poor. You may have been brought up in poor circumstances but you were not brought up to be poor. You need to understand that your circumstances yesterday do not define your success tomorrow.

When we grow up usually people refer to us as adults and many say we have now entered the stage of adulthood. I will define Adulthood in my capacity and I hope you make meaning out of it. The definition of Adulthood is responsibility. When you become an adult you take responsibility for your future. Become responsible and always ask yourself what have you done to make your tomorrow a better day. There are many who cry out for help but because there are no answers they live in pains and the aura of neglect. No, refuse to give up, believe in what God made. God made you to be successful, He never made a failure. 

Believe that God has a purpose for your life, you may have been born as a parental accident but You are not a divine accident. God knew you were coming and he made sufficient provisions for you. There is a place for you in the world and I am using my only two weapons Pen and Paper to help you find that place. There are certain things we must do for all that we dream of to be a reality, there are things that are not in abundant supply-they are limited. One of them is Time, save time and ensure to keep track of your time. The Bible says also redeem the time because it says the days are leaving, you do not have extra time. Life is not a game therefore make everyday count for your life.

Improve yourself everyday, introduce something new in your life that counts. Choose to be a success, become inspiring. Distinguish yourself with character and excellence. If you are a musician, be one with a difference ,become inspiring in whatever you do by doing it with excellence. Put yourself and your best into what you do and change your world. Remember there is no extra time therefore whatever you do now do it the best way the first time.

Success is waiting for the man/woman who says yes to success, who plans for it, who yarns for it and who says, I will wake up and he wakes up, who says I will read this book and he reads it , Who says I will go to school and he goes. Success is waiting for a man who takes a decision and in taking decisions Time is very important. Do not spend your time watching television 24 hours a day ,watching videos 24 hours a day. Those that you are watching have put their best into what you are watching. Its time to change the position and say to yourself I will be watched some day.

Sometimes I get concerned, there are those who only think about designers perfumes, footballers,cars, latest celebrity trends and designers clothes & shoes. But “Where are your own designs and outputs?” Challenge yourself for the future, there is room for you, there is a place for you at the top. Train your mind and use it, give yourself to a teacher, to a tutor to train yourself. If you train your mind it will be ready to deliver to you Thoughts, the right thoughts and ideas that will earn you commercial value.

There is no poverty for a man who has made an investment in his mind and is willing to act. There is no hunger for the man who has trained his minds to think, to think through on every problem, to solve every problem. Train yourself to think through problems and render solutions. Many will run to you for solutions and advise. Decide to be smart, decide to be a problem solver. If you make that decision that’s what you will be, Problem solvers are in short supply in the world. There is a place for a man who chooses to be a problem solver. Do not ignore national issues, get involved, get concerned. Some of us reading this article are the best writers and most educated in the country, But where are your writings? May be you are sleeping too much, may be you are resting and playing too much. Its time put your best into that writing, let the country read your writings.