This is the most irritating statement I will ever tell my son in this world of increasing change and uncertainty.

“Son, I want you to study hard, get good grades, so you can find a safe, secure job with a big company. And make sure it has excellent benefits.”

Instead I would be glad to say:

“If you want to learn to work for money, then stay in school. That is a great place to learn to do that. But if you want to learn how to have money work for you, then I will teach you that. But only if you want to learn.”

Well, am not degrading the value of education in our lives today. Personally, I am a student at Egerton University, Njoro Campus taking a Bachelor’s Degree course in Computer Science.

It’s so evident in our country Kenya, there are so many people who went to school and got excellent education, they could get high-paying jobs. But they still have money problems because they never learned anything about money in school. This doesn’t mean am so secure with my financial status, am also working towards achieving my goals- to live a life of my dreams.

How does it feel waiting in a line to see your boss, once to get hired and once to ask for more money? Terrible, right? If you choose to work for money, that is what life will be like. And how does it feel when you have graduated from a collage with excellent education, got employed and end month, your payslip reads Ksh 30000 gross pay? You will be disappointed, you will feel like it isn’t enough, it seems like it’s nothing. Well most of you won’t believe this but let’s look at this picture.

Journey Of the Broke

You will be happy to get employed, start working 10 hours a day with no help but at the end of each month, the same government that employed you will take its shares first. Huh! They tax you on everything. You’re taxed when you earn. You’re taxed when you spend. You’re taxed when you save. You’re taxed when you die. Why would you let the government do that when you can avoid it? Well, the poor and the middle class would but the rich won’t.

Are you ready to learn? Of course YES, otherwise, what was the reason of scrolling to this point at the first place? Learning how to have money work for you is a lifetime study. Most people go to college for four years, and their education ends. I already know that my study of money will continue over my lifetime, simply because the more I find out, the more I find out I need to know. Most people never study the subject. They go to work, get their paycheck, balance their checkbooks, and that’s it. Then they wonder why they have money problems. They think that more money will solve the problem and don’t realize that it’s their lack of financial education that is the problem.


In this post there are guides that will assist you and your children to grow wealthier no matter what happens in a world of increasing change and uncertainty.

Today, I just wanted to find out if you have the passion to learn about money. Most people don’t.
They want to go to school, learn a profession, have fun at their work, and earn lots of money. One day they wake up with big money problems, and then they can’t stop working. That’s the price of only knowing how to work for money instead of studying how to have
money work for you. So do you have the passion to learn? Click here to register on my blog for more.