Top 10 Rules of Success


Hello Friends,Meet Eric Worre, the online marketing Agent from United States who has been in the network marketing company for over 20 years and the author of the international best-selling book “Network Marketing Pro”. He retired from building as distributor after  earning over $15 million in his Network Marketing career to a motivational leader and speaker. I am one of his great fans and today, I wanted to share with you some of the best 10 rules of success I have learnt from his 1400+ videos.

Here is my take on his 10 top rules for success. Rule no  4 is my favorite and I would like to know which one is best for you. Leave a comment and share to create awareness.

Rule one: Be a right now person. Don’t be a tomorrow person. Move your clock move today/tomorrow/holiday to RIGHT NOW. Action is better than understanding.

Rule two: Have goals. Set your goals pretty high to be achieved within a given time-frame.

Rule Three: Create your environment: Surround yourself with things that support your dreams or goals.  Even if it means losing friends. If you keep your mind closer to torments from negative thinking and thoughts from failures, you will definitely become one. So? Create an environment, don’t look for one. Just create the right challenge, right friendship, right mentor-ship and you will be able to go where you want to go.

Rule Four:  Evolve: No man is perfect. At any certainty, we all make mistakes;  we all fail at our progresses. But that is not the end. Don’t let your failures determine your future. The worst this is not failure, rather, it’s failing to rise up after your failure. Rise up, Change your direction, grow and become better. Nothing is ever finished while you are still alive. Keep Evolving.

Rule Five: Use Your Imagination. What you can imagine can really happen. Most successful people use their imagination for their growth. Clearly imagine of your goal to appoint of living it as in reality. Detail it with all you need to accomplish your goal. You can’t just seat at home and imagine riding a Lamborghini and it gets into a reality. The more actions you take to towards your imagination, the more real it becomes. Get your subconscious mind working for you day by day to help you get your objective.

Rule Six: Take charge: When you are in a boat, it doesn’t matter what the wind is doing, to rich your destination depends on you. Don’t wait the wind to change from your face to your back, Take charge to sail the sail of yourself. How many people are waiting the wind to change the direction? If you wait, you will keep on waiting, and it may cost you your life. My point is, Don’t Wait. Take charge of your actions towards your goal.

Rule Seven: Understand your why: What compels you to do what you are doing right now? Why is it important to you? Your why is the psychological force inspiring you to move on no matter what. My why to follow Eric Worre was to learn the skills that will boost my new Network Marketing Career.  If you get your why  to be strong enough, it becomes easier to achieve your goals.

Rule Eight: Focus on high value activities. Am sure you must have come  across this famous quote “Not everything countable can be counted. And not everything that counts truly counts.” This same when it comes to choosing your actions. Every time you decide to do an activity, select the one with a high value. Not every Good action is good.

Rule Nine: Master your emotions: Emotions are the most important tools in everything we do. They can make your freeze, stressed up, angry, get working etc. Most people worry about tomorrow, most of which is inescapable, but can be avoided. Emotions depend on your mindset, do you passion? Anger? Stress? Joy? You may not be able to control the pain but you can choose the suffering. If your  default emotions fall on the negative side they will lower your potential, they will repel you from your goals.

Rule Ten: Never Give up: In whichever thing you undertake, always find a reason to stay. Success is not an overnight event, it’s a process. You might fail, be rejected, be discouraged, and so many reasons to quit. There are so many reasons to quit and You may have the best reason to quit, but if your goal is strong enough, there will always be a reason to stay, that one reason to motivate you when your spirit is low. That one reason that people will use to encourage others about your success that matters a lot.

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