How does persistence affect you in life when it comes to being successful?

When you were young, you used to think outside the Skinnerian box. You had big dreams. You visualized the things you wanted and those visions used to flow into your subconscious with ease and fluidity. But as you have grown older, the reality of trying to make a living and living your ideal life doesn’t seem to come so easy. The big dreams are getting smaller and negative thinking has started to burrow into your subconscious, filling it with negatives while pushing out the big dreams you had buried there while still child, to a point of having no expectations and ambitions. Take a minute thinking of something in your life you’ve wanted to accomplish but haven’t. Maybe you are too timid to go for it, or you took a shot and failed spectacularly. Do you know the thing you consider as your biggest failure of your life? Are you living a life of desperation because you think the choices you have made may not have been the best, and now, you find yourself destitute and looking for a way to change your life?

After taking about the Top 10 Rules of success, there’s no a 100% guarantee that every step you make will be successful. As any successful person will admit, failure happens. Perhaps, we’ve all had our fair share of it. But from every failure, we have to understand this:

  1. There is that one reason we hold for our failure.
  2. We can rise up from our failure.

Just like death, failure is unescapable but did you know it can be avoided too? Success always starts with some failure. If you have been having a close look at some of the most successful individuals that ever lived, you’ll realize that they at some point all failed big time. Some of them were even considered to be massive failures in life. The good thing about them is that they knew that their goals are more important that the criticisms from the world, they used all means available to turn around their previous failure into success and that’s why we keep reading their stories all over the newspapers, internet, books, magazines and the list is endless. They discovered the reasons of their failures, learned lessons from them and made a great decision of how they thought about failure. They wanted a change. That desire/ willingness or want to change is what led to their success in history.

There have been so many articles that have been written on the reasons why a person might have failed in his/ her endeavors which may include, lack of ability, lack of self- discipline, lack of planning, fear of failure, being short-term thinkers, lack of belief in oneself, endless excuses among others. With me, I like writing about something I understand the most. In this article, there is only reason I have established to be the back born of all kinds of failure. That is Lack of Persistence.  The content of this article will not only show you how lack of persistence lead to failure but also you will learn how to be persistent. And most important, you will learn why persistent is important in your all aspects of life. To help you know what I want you to know, I have split this content into subsections as follows:

  • Introduction (you are here)
  • Importance of persistence in life
  • Reasons for lack of persistence
  • Symptoms for lack of persistence
  • How to be persistent

To ensure that I have achieved my goal for this article, I have included very important quotes about persistence and used relevant examples to clearly explain the concept.

Did you even realize that reading this article to this point means you have been persistent?

As I said, I like writing articles I want to understand better myself, so when the importance of being persistence come in mind, I took it as an opportunity to bring light to my esteemed readers. And I believe the greatest feeling of achieving a goal is joy. Enjoy surfing.

I begin this with a very important quote by Calvin Coolidge which summarizes the importance of being persistence:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent” by Calvin Coolidge.

In other words, Calvin Coolidge meant that:

Hard works beats talent every single time. He says, it doesn’t matter what your abilities are, what matters is how you perform. What you sow is what you reap.

To be continued …

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