What is inside you is completely yours. Choose strength, endurance, kindness and love.

Though you can make great and intelligent, sometimes that effort fails. Though you can give your absolute best, sometimes forces beyond your control render your actions useless.

Even when disappointment is piled on top of disappointment, you can face forward with hope and the highest expectations. When life utterly fails to reward, you can reward yourself with new strength to keep going.

You have your life, you have your choice of how to see it and you have your strength of will. Choose to be strong inside, and nothing can invalidate that choice.

Though you can prudently avoid many problems and cleverly solve many others, some things you just have to endure. And you can, when you make the commitment to yourself to be strong.

Just because life can be disappointing, doesn’t mean you have to be. Choose strength, endurance, kindness and love.