Your Worst Enemies

Emotions… we all have them. Everything we do, learn or achieve is partly by the way we feel. The feelings are naturally part of us. Sometimes they are unpredictable (you can be happy in one moment and sad in the other moment). Some of us we uncomfortable with our feelings and try to avoid while others try to be aware of them and understand them. How we deal with our emotions can make a big different in the quality of our lives.

In the steps or creating yourself, the person you become is as a result of thoughts. Your thoughts are what develop into emotions that in turn drive you towards actions. But what if the emotions are negative?

Negative emotions hold you down, tire you out, and take away all your joy in life. Negative emotions, from the beginning of time, have done more harm to individuals and societies than all the plagues of history.

One of your most important goals, if you want to be truly happy and successful, is to free yourself from negative emotions. Fortunately, you can do this if you learn how.

What causes negative emotions?

The negative emotions of fear, self-pity, envy, jealousy, feelings of inferiority, and ultimately anger are cause by many factors. Once you identify and remove these factors from your thinking, your negative emotions stop automatically.

Justification and Rationalization.

You only become negative when you justify to yourself or to others about the reasons of your actions or for being upset or angry about something. This is why angry people are continually explaining and elaborating on the reasons for their negative feelings. When you rationalize you attempt to give an explanation or to justify an immortal act or illogical behavior. You try as much as you can to come up with complex ways to put u=you on the right when you are aware that you your actions or behaviors are unaccepted. This process or act of coming up with excuses is what gives negative emotions the strength to root in us. This makes you to feel bad about who have done without correcting the actions. You feel about yourself due to justification and rationalization.

Understand that no one is responsive for your actions. You cannot say the words “I am responsible!” and still feel angry. The very act of accepting responsibility short-circuits and cancels/ eliminates the negative emotions that you be having.


Self-image is the way we think of ourselves or the way we feel about ourselves and our abilities. In some cases, you will find someone having a negative thought about him/ herself just because of the opinions of other people. They have become so sensitive or concerned with irrelevant opinions of others about them, how people speak to them, and how people look at them. In such cases, embarrassment, inferiority complex, shame, depression or anger are inescapable and unavoidable.

When you decide to accept complete responsibility for yourself, your situation, and everything that happens to you, you can turn confidently toward your work and the affairs of your life. You become “the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.” You start seeing yourself as the president of your own personal services corporation. You become in complete charge of every part of your life and career and this reminds you that the person you are today was created by you own intution and not the thoughts of criticizers.

The blame game.

No one is ever willing to be responsible for their actions. They will always have that one person or thing that will hold all reasons why they did such and such. They keep blaming others for what they did when the very persons were not there during the action.

From now on, you should refuse to blame anyone for anything—past, present, or future. Stop holding grudges. Refuse to make excuses or to justify your behaviors. Every time you blame someone else or make excuses, you give your power away. You feel weakened and diminished. You feel negative and angry inside. Refuse to do it.

When your negative emotions stop, the positive emotions of love, peace, joy, and enthusiasm flow in to replace them, and your whole life changes for the better, sometimes in a matter of minutes or even seconds.