The GIGO of life.

Self-Concept, like a computer program, determines what you will do, how, where and how fast to do it. Just like an operating system, it determines your performance and effectiveness. It determines your personal development and how best you affect the lives of others.

It is the bundle of beliefs that you have about yourself. It is the way you see yourself and think about yourself in every area of your life. It is the “master program” of your subconscious computer. It is like an operating system that determines everything you say, think, feel, and do.

Like a computer program, Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO). You always perform on the outside in the manner consistent with your self-concept. All changes or improvements in your life begin when you alter and improve your self-concept, your inner programming.

If a thermostat is set to 25o C, however hot or cold the environment is, it will always adjust the heating and cooling to keep the room at that temperature. In the say to life situations, if you see yourself as an average person, your master program will always strive to achieve the averages for you!!

If you have a high and positive self-concept, success will never be a problem. You will face circumstances with competence and confidence. A poor self-concept will increase changes of failure. It will instill fear and anxiety in you making you tense and uneasy to face real life situations.

What is your Master Program?

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